The Weekend Adventure to Strasbourg

The nice thing about knowing lots of international people is you always have someone to visit. An exchange-student friend (I have not seen for many years) happens to be in living in France, at the same time, as me. Obviously, this means a fun weekend visit.

As a student, the easiest way to save money (while also keeping yourself safe) is to include as many people as possible in your trip. I could only convince one. My new friend, a crazy Californian guy, joined me on the adventure. And off we went to Strasbourg.

There are multiple options to travel from Paris to Strasbourg. It was the clear, the easiest is the TGV super fast train. However, it is fairly expensive. On the other hand, there are unofficial “ride-shares” available outside the train station for very little money (and very little safety). We quickly try to come up with a safe alternative, affordable on a student budget. Thanks to a helpful suggestion, California and I learn it would be cheaper and easier to simply rent a car. [Thank you mom for teaching me to drive stick!]

On the streets of Paris

Thursday afternoon, we meet outside the metro stop on our way to the car rental location. After carrying my luggage through the hot, sweaty subway stations, I was looking forwarding to throwing it all in the back of a nice, comfortable vehicle. But sadly, it was not to be…

We enter the rental agency with all the necessary paperwork in hand, already paid in full. After a confusing half-French-half-English discussion, we come to find out, despite having already paid in full we must down put down a deposit 3X the original amount as well as purchase additional insurance. On top of that, due to various reasons, they cannot accept either of our cards, checks or cash. The entire process became one huge nightmare. Eventually ending with no car and a cancelled reservation. Thank you Europecar.

Unhappy Brady riding the TGV

We gather our possessions and proceed back down to the metro. Reverting to the original plan, we head out for the train station. We arrive to find… the station workers are on strike. Thanks to one helpful employee we discover we can buy tickets on the train with cash, but yes they will be pricy. Sitting in the train station, amidst the rush of people, we debate the decision.

Half an hour later, we find ourselves sitting on the train.

After a long and stressful day, we arrive. We walk the short distance through the town to our hotel, anxiously expecting something else to go wrong. We enter the lobby and are greeted by a friendly older gentleman behind the counter. In broken French/English we hand over the paperwork and explain who we are. “Oh yes!” He exclaims, “You have been uhh.. up.. up-classed!”


“Yes! Up graded! You have apartment! I show you, come.”

Hold it there. What just happened? In utter shock and disbelief we follow the sweet, little French man, back out onto the street. We proceed to the next building, where he leads us up to the top floor and into the most amazing 5-person, 2-floor apartment! You mean, we aren’t squeezing into a tiny single room? This must be a mistake.

This is why I love Europe. If you find yourself in Strasbourg, Hotel 21, go there.

In our search for dinner, we discover the seemingly quiet town actually has a lively nightlife. Every other bar has a line out the door of young people dressed to impress. Eventually, we find a calm place to grab a seat. Soon, we over hear English, which naturally leads us to making conversation. Come to find out, every hotel room around has been booked for the monthly European Parliament meeting. So we kick back and talked politics with Parliament members, late into the evening.

After some good sleep, we fill our weekend with sightseeing. We light a candle inside the jaw-dropping cathedral Notre Dame de Strasbourg and view the enormous astrological clock. We strolled along the beautiful river Ill. Despite the freezing cold, numb fingers and toes, it was gorgeous. Topped off by the light sprinkle of snow, my first sighting of the year, it was truly picturesque. If you go, you must enjoy the local cuisine, a glass of vin chaud and a hot bowl of baeckeoffe, traditional beef and potatoes stewed in wine.

I have an emotional reunion with my good friend, as we relive memories of our experiences in Poland. I visit his incredible château of a dormitory. I am invited to enjoy the student Halloween party and I practice my French skills with a very polite cab driver.

Our view of France out the train windows

Sunday comes checkout and returning to Paris. Not quite the same as returning to the real world, but still going back to a daily routine.

Thank you Strasbourg for a wonderful time. Thank you Hotel 21 and everyone else with great customer service skills. Thank you Daniel for inviting me out! And thank you Brady for coming with me and keeping me safe!