Meet Michelle

I am Michelle. I consider myself a lifelong exchange student. I am also a graduate of St. Joseph’s College of Nursing and a registered nurse.

I love to fly, possibly because it’s in my blood, or maybe because I have been flying since before I could walk. I went international before grade school, and lived abroad before I hit 18. I also have a passion for public transportation. I can drive a car, ride a horse, and even work a unicycle. No matter the method, I am going to get there, wherever it may be.

I grew up in the good ol’ state of Texas and after nine moves in total (today), I now call central Pennsylvania home. In high school I spent a year as an exchange student living in Europe (thanks to the Rotary Youth Exchange). Currently, I am furthering my travels while also on the job hunt. I am happy to share my adventures, both good and bad, with others.  

I am a little bit spoiled, a little bit lucky, but I always work hard for what I want.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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